Lamborghini & Lobster Polo Night

    An evening full of Food, Fashion, Fun, and of course - HORSEPOWER!

    linkedinThe roar of the engines, the thundering of hooves. Friday July 22nd was the first Lamborghini & Lobster Polo Night at the Calgary Polo Club. We decided to try something entirely different than what we have done in past events, combining both types of horsepower into one amazing night. We had 6 Lamborghinis in attendance which certainly drew a crowd the second they pulled up the driveway and into the venue. With our guests and the remaining company of the club members, total attendance reached to 120 for the evening!  Our General Sales Manager had the honor of bowling in the ball at the start of the game, with the rest of our guests participating in the traditional divot stomp half way through the competition. Team Huracan and Team Aventador battled it out on the field for 5 chukkers, with Team Aventador taking the win by only half a point difference! The evening ended with a delicious lobster dinner provided by Great Events Catering back at the Polo Club Ranch House.

    All team prizes for the evening were generously donated by Back on Track with Lamborghini Embroidery done by local Trace Embroidery of Calgary. Horse blankets were awarded to both teams with the winning team taking home a set of horse leg-wraps as well for their well-deserving mounts. Back on track products feature State-of-the-Art, ceramic therapy that is clinically proven to reduce pain and chronic inflammation. They specialize and cater to horses, canine and humans of both recreation and professional athletic availability. Please visit to find out more.




    Lamboghini Polo Night-0730

    Photo by Filipek Photography

    Lamboghini Polo Night-0833

    Photo by Filipek Photography

    Lamboghini Polo Night-8238

    Photo by Filipek Photography

    Lamboghini Polo Night-8243

    Photo by Filipek Photography

    The Calgary Polo Club features games every Sunday that is free to attend for the public. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to see us there next time! Special thanks goes out to the team at the Calgary Polo Club for their coordination of the event and last-minute changes needed for our predictably unpredictable Calgary weather!

    Lamboghini Polo Night-8270

    Photo by Filipek Photography

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