Lamborghini Spring Service Specials

    Maintain your vehicle this spring.


    Spring Service Promotion $199*

    We will change the engine oil and filter, check belts and hoses for age and wear, check air filter for cleanliness, check pollen filter for cleanliness, check horn operation. All lights will be checked and tested. The battery and alternator will be checked and tested for correct performance. Brake pads and rotors, front and rear will be measured and checked against the factory specification. Tires will be checked for correct inflation and wear. Windshield wipers and washer system will be checked for correct operation, aim and wear. The front and rear suspension including bushings, mounts and shocks will be tested to make sure they are within specification. The hinges and latches on all opening panels will be lubricated. All fluids will be topped off and the brake fluid will be checked for moisture content. Finally a road test will be performed and the service reminder [if equipped] will be reset. A complimentary wash and vacuum is the final touch.

    Please contact Richard at 403.984.6433
    to book your appointment.

    *Parts and taxes extra. Promotion ends May 25th 2016. Remember we have courtesy shuttle or loaner cars available.

    Brake Fluid Flush $159*

    The primary reason brake fluid should be flushed periodically is because it is a hygroscopic fluid, meaning that it readily absorbs and retains moisture. Though this might seem a bit odd at first glance, that is exactly what we want the brake fluid to do. With the understanding that many of the brake system components are made from metal, we can quickly see that moisture is the enemy. Brake fluid, by absorbing any moisture that gets into the system and retaining it, helps to prevent moisture related corrosion and failure of internal brake system components. Even the highest quality brake fluid can only retain so much moisture, however, so it periodically must be flushed from the system and replaced with new fluid. We recommend replacement interval to be once a year.

    Please contact Jarrod at 403.984.6433 or email to book your appointment.

    *Parts and taxes extra. Remember we have courtesy shuttle or loaner cars available. Promotion ends May 25th 2016.

    Complimentary Tire Installation and Balancing with the purchase of 4 new tires

    TIRES AT THE BEST PRICE – OUR GUARANTEE. Enjoy a no charge installation and balancing when you purchase 4 tires. We carry a wide range of the most premium brands. Please contact Richard at 403.984.6433 or email

    Complete 4 Wheel Alignment $199*

    Normal wear and road conditions can take their toll on your car’s steering and suspension system. Hitting a pothole, a curb or going over railroad tracks can throw alignment specifications, can affect alignment angles and can damage steering and suspension parts. Take the mystery out of alignment with our state-of-the-art alignment system. Our laser guided, precision alignment system provides you with added longevity to your tires, improves gas mileage, improved handling, reduced steering stress and overall improvement.

    Please contact Jarrod at 403.984.6433 or email
    to book your appointment.

    *Taxes extra. Promotion ends May 25th 2016

    SV Dianthus Wheels

    Lamborghini SV wheels can now be fitted to all Aventador Coupe and Roadsters from 2012 to 2016. This is a centre lock kit and comes complete with all mounting hardware and option of the red Pirelli lettering, completely transforming the look of your V12.

    Please contact Jarrod at 403.984.6433 or email to book your appointment.s

    Pricing starts at $13,500* for the wheel set and $6,500* for the conversion kit from 5 bolt to centre lock. *Taxes extra. Promotion ends May 25th 2016.

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