Lamborghini Unica App

    Enhance Your lamborghini Experience

    With the Lamborghini Unica app, Lamborghini owners can enhance their special experience with their Lamborghini by being able to do much more such as:

    • Manage and update their garage and profile
    • Have access to exclusive events around the world
    • Be the first to read the latest news from Lamborghini New Lamborghini Connect services* an enhanced suite for MY20 Urus
    • Remote Lock/Unlock of the car
    • Vehicle status report: Remotely monitor fuel level, doors status, and warning lights
    • First/Last Mile Navigation: Seamless navigation from your smartphone and your Urus
    • Secondary users: Grant access to a subset of your Urus connected services to your family and friends
    • Lamborghini Connect Vehicle Tracking System: The most advanced satellite vehicle tracking protection for your Urus

    And much more. . . To get access, you need an invitation from your Lamborghini dealer. If you are a Lamborghini customer and you want to request the access credentials please contact us today.

    Request Access to the Lamborghini Unica App

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