Pocono Presents a Distinctive Esperienza Challenge

    Esperienza descended upon the mountains of Pennsylvania to offer thrills at Pocono Raceway

    Lamborghini Esperienza allows motorsport enthusiasts to take on challenging curves and breathtaking straightaways. Additionally, the occasion to revel in the pure exhilaration of Lamborghini. This is all done on the most renowned tracks in North America.

    Lamborghini Esperienza

    This June, Esperienza descended upon the mountains of Pennsylvania to offer thrills at Pocono Raceway. With a rich and enviable history, Pocono served as an idyllic venue to introduce Lamborghini’s newest V12 model: the Aventador S. The 2.5-mile, asphalt track proved perfect as drivers completed challenges. All while chasing thrilling speeds and conquering some of the most severe curves in motorsport.

    Lamborghini’s team of drivers hand-selected from the top ranks of professional motorsport, guided each driver through many ambitious maneuvers all within the newest models that pushed their limits to unprecedented levels. Elevating the task of Esperienza driving trials, Pocono is its own unique racing endeavor. The road course offers a variety of challenging conditions and open straights.

    The All New Aventador S

    Drivers took the helm of the Huracán Coupé to master their performance around the track. Also for the first time since its inauguration, the Aventador S Coupé for its first track driving trial in North America.

    The company of the Aventador S at Esperienza was remarkable on its own, as it is the latest model to be esteemed with the S-model designation. Elevated from its predecessor, the Aventador facelift features a refined, masterful design that honors legendary beauty with strength and dynamism. Its iconic V12 engine has been enhanced with 40 additional horsepower. Rear wheel steering is the most notable of the new technology available on the S. This makes the V12 beast exceptionally nimble and agile, as guests experienced in slalom and cornering exercises. The result is a driving experience that elicits emotion and personality unlike any other road vehicle.

    Finally, Lamborghini prides itself on its wide-ranging motorsport immersions. Esperienza is only the beginning of what owners and enthusiasts can do throughout the entire progression of Lamborghini Squadra Corse track programs. Once successfully completing Esperienza, owners can take on Track or Winter Accademia. Additionally, Corso Pilota and eventually professional racing in the Super Trofeo and GT3 circuits if desired.


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